Doing A Business At Home. Is it worth it ?

Many of us know the benefits of running a business you own. You get to state your own pay, you get the freedom to work at different hours, and most importantly, you have to choice to decide your own path. However, we also know that not all business are suitable, especially the ones that requires high capital.

Of course, you can set up a coffee shop or a restaurant (if you love cooking), but the thing is, it is high risk with such high costs in manpower and rental. This is why many people are turning to home-based businesses. They tend to work from home, and use their home as the office for their business. It’s a good idea. Property agents are one such example.

But if we look at other businesses, is it worth to use your home as the place for running your business? If you run a music studio at home, it is possible that you can save quite a lot of money on renting music venues outside.

As we speak to Violin Music School, which provides home violin lessons in Singapore, they do lessons by customizing their home into a music studio. With proper setup like a classroom with chairs and music stands available, they can conduct a class of 5 students easily. Students are the leisure to move around and get some refreshments from the kitchen too. In this example, yes, your home is a good choice for a home music school!

If you run a service-based business, you can consider working from home as well. If you run a SEO agency Singapore, it is way more simple. You can work from home by calling your clients in a room setup like your own office. If your room is too small, you can just move to the kitchen or the dining table. The only problem here is that you can’t meet your clients at your home.

However, you can drop by your client’s office, or the nearest Starbucks to meet your client! This will cost you at most $10 for 2 cups of coffee, but you can just take it as a “rental cost” for meeting clients. For SEO projects, you can easily make back the rental cost by provided good services to rank their websites on search engines. Is this a good deal? Definitely yes!

On the downside, as you are using your home for business, there may be certain distractions that you can’t avoid. Friends or family may drop by your place and you have to entertain them. They may see you working very hard at your home, and it is not good to just leave them alone while you continue with your work. You will need to stop working to make them feel at home. That’s the downside. Is there any way to avoid this?

Maybe? Just tell them not to drop by during office hours!

There you go! Your home is worth so much more other than just a place for your to stay.

Now, here are some cool home office ideas for you. No worries if its your first time. Time to play and have fun designing your own home office!

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