Proper Etiquette When Watching Broadway

Image result for Watching BroadwayIf you are a newbie in watching Broadway, it is already expected that you are not too familiar with the things that you should and should not do. Commonly, you are going to be concerned about your outfit and if there are going to be some refreshments that will be served but did you ever think about how you should act while you are there?

Things You Should DO

  1. Do turn off your cellphone while the play is going on.

It is recommended that even before the play or the musical starts, you should turn off your phone because this might interfere or distract other people in the same theater. You may even disrupt the performance of the artists. You might think that you should put your phone in vibrate mode but the people near you will hear the vibration of your phone.

  1. Do cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

You will be in close proximity with a lot of people who are also watching Broadway. You do not want them to be exposed to viruses and bacteria just because you have coughed or sneezed. Make sure that you have your handkerchief with you too.

  1. Do let your true feelings guide you in what you do.

Why do you think do people stand up and applause during a show? This is because something has been done so well that people just have to show their appreciation. This is not obligatory so if you did not appreciate the performance so much, do not give in to peer pressure and just remain in your seat.

Things You Should NOT DO

  1. Do not sing along to the songs that will be sung.

You may be tempted to sing along especially if some of the songs are your favorites. Remember that the people who are singing on Broadway have gone through auditions and can really carry tunes that you might not be able to do.

  1. Do not eat during the show.

You are recommended to eat before you watch the show so you will feel comfortable. Eating while you are watching the show can be distracting for the rest of the audience. People who are near you will surely feel annoyed if you are going to munch your food throughout the whole show.

You can learn more about proper etiquette when you watch this:

This is already something that you should know but if in case you forget, do not do anything during the show that is not related to the show itself. Now is not the right time to check out your home loan calculator Singapore. You are also not supposed to sleep while the show is going on. Behave appropriately and you will seem like a regular Broadway watcher.

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