Music Exams for Students Learning Violin in Singapore

It is a common practice for students of a skill-based activity such as learning musical instruments right across the world to get assessed of their skills by some common platform.  There are some such examination boards on offer in Singapore, and the common ones in use in the city do stand their ground in any chosen situation and settings.

That is a student would get to acquire a specific minimum ability while gaining to be assessed in the settings of these examinations. Kids learning the violin in Singapore are highly encouraged to take these exams as well.

The ABRSM set of examinations

These set of exams are offered at certain times in the academic year and strives to place the examinees in order of merit according to their ability in music.  The examinations can be broadly divided into the grades and the full diploma.  It must be of particular note that the ABRSM exams get to access a student in more detail than what other comparable systems offer. It can thus be considered to be a more comprehensive nature of evaluation of skills in music.

Usually, the focus of the different methods of testing that different testing programs follow is to bring about variety in testing systems so that a student could get to choose a system that would do justice to his set of skills at any point of time.

The Trinity College Tests

The Trinity College of Music, London does get to offer a very comprehensive set of exams that vary in grades to demonstrate an increased ability in music and its rendering.  It is being said that the testing program by Trinity could be one of the oldest standings in history and there is a brand value that is hard to beat.  On hand are a set of methods that not just evaluate the ability of the student but create milestones to follow to improve the skill sets.

The Trinity testing program is known with their various testing centers spread across the world and which would enable a student to get tested no matter where he would be located at a given time.

ANZCA Examinations in Music

With the not for profit organization that is the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited, offering testing programs that result in diplomas being awarded to the successful candidates, the ANZCA examinations in music are among the most competitive of its kind in the world.  On hand is a set of exercises that not just probe the ability but also how hard working a person is towards his goal of being a better music player or performer.

This set of testing programs is localized to the regions of the South East Asia and has a good standing around the area.  There would not be many places that give the due to a person who has undergone the ANZCA set of examinations.

London College Of Music Certifications

The LCM does offer a variety of programs that are in the music and related spheres right through the year.  When it comes to a standing in the music industry, there is no denying that the LCM certifications are among the most recognized and does command a specific premium towards the skill.  It is usually the more professional players of music that take to the LCM testing as it places a particular stress on the theoretical aspect of playing music that most other programs omit.

With a set of certifications that have the right standing in the community, it is just possible to have the lead in getting started that is bound to make a big difference in the progress a student goes in the first few years on the professional circuit.

The differentiating factor between the different programs and certifications


If every set of examinations evaluated a student in the same manner as the remainder of the offerings, there would be little difference in the skill set displayed on each occasion, and it would make the different set of exams somewhat unnecessary at best.  Thus there are high points in each set of testing that gets to stress on a particular aspect over the rest.

It thus gives the student wanting to get assessed to subject himself to the proper evaluation that would bring out his particular talent.  In this manner, each program stays relevant and in demand by the music community.  When something as informal as music instruction is considered the role that standardization bodies play becomes crucial to the better working of the system.

Special: Quick Interview with Jayden from Music Mood

We have a chance to speak with the director of Music Mood, a violin lessons agency in Singapore. We have asked him what is his view on the violin exam and here are his thoughts:

Music exams motivate achievement and support progression. They lay good foundations for music making while encouraging students to reach their full potential. We always advise teachers from Music Mood to use our exams as a means to this end, rather than as an end in themselves. They can form only part of a musical curriculum, for which they provide goals and recognition along the way.

Finally, we should remember the reason so many of us learn to play an instrument or to sing. It’s about a love of music and the enjoyment and fulfilment that brings, all of which Music Mood supports wholeheartedly.

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