Music Exams for Students Learning Violin in Singapore

It is a common practice for students of a skill-based activity such as learning musical instruments right across the world to get assessed of their skills by some common platform.  There are some such examination boards on offer in Singapore, and the common ones in use in the city do stand their ground in any chosen situation and settings.

That is a student would get to acquire a specific minimum ability while gaining to be assessed in the settings of these examinations. Kids learning the violin in Singapore are highly encouraged to take these exams as well.

The ABRSM set of examinations

These set of exams are offered at certain times in the academic year and strives to place the examinees in order of merit according to their ability in music.  The examinations can be broadly divided into the grades and the full diploma.  It must be of particular note that the ABRSM exams get to access a student in more detail than what other comparable systems offer. It can thus be considered to be a more comprehensive nature of evaluation of skills in music.

Usually, the focus of the different methods of testing that different testing programs follow is to bring about variety in testing systems so that a student could get to choose a system that would do justice to his set of skills at any point of time.

The Trinity College Tests

The Trinity College of Music, London does get to offer a very comprehensive set of exams that vary in grades to demonstrate an increased ability in music and its rendering.  It is being said that the testing program by Trinity could be one of the oldest standings in history and there is a brand value that is hard to beat.  On hand are a set of methods that not just evaluate the ability of the student but create milestones to follow to improve the skill sets.

The Trinity testing program is known with their various testing centers spread across the world and which would enable a student to get tested no matter where he would be located at a given time.

ANZCA Examinations in Music

With the not for profit organization that is the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited, offering testing programs that result in diplomas being awarded to the successful candidates, the ANZCA examinations in music are among the most competitive of its kind in the world.  On hand is a set of exercises that not just probe the ability but also how hard working a person is towards his goal of being a better music player or performer.

This set of testing programs is localized to the regions of the South East Asia and has a good standing around the area.  There would not be many places that give the due to a person who has undergone the ANZCA set of examinations.

London College Of Music Certifications

The LCM does offer a variety of programs that are in the music and related spheres right through the year.  When it comes to a standing in the music industry, there is no denying that the LCM certifications are among the most recognized and does command a specific premium towards the skill.  It is usually the more professional players of music that take to the LCM testing as it places a particular stress on the theoretical aspect of playing music that most other programs omit.

With a set of certifications that have the right standing in the community, it is just possible to have the lead in getting started that is bound to make a big difference in the progress a student goes in the first few years on the professional circuit.

The differentiating factor between the different programs and certifications


If every set of examinations evaluated a student in the same manner as the remainder of the offerings, there would be little difference in the skill set displayed on each occasion, and it would make the different set of exams somewhat unnecessary at best.  Thus there are high points in each set of testing that gets to stress on a particular aspect over the rest.

It thus gives the student wanting to get assessed to subject himself to the proper evaluation that would bring out his particular talent.  In this manner, each program stays relevant and in demand by the music community.  When something as informal as music instruction is considered the role that standardization bodies play becomes crucial to the better working of the system.

Special: Quick Interview with Jayden from Music Mood

We have a chance to speak with the director of Music Mood, a violin lessons agency in Singapore. We have asked him what is his view on the violin exam and here are his thoughts:

Music exams motivate achievement and support progression. They lay good foundations for music making while encouraging students to reach their full potential. We always advise teachers from Music Mood to use our exams as a means to this end, rather than as an end in themselves. They can form only part of a musical curriculum, for which they provide goals and recognition along the way.

Finally, we should remember the reason so many of us learn to play an instrument or to sing. It’s about a love of music and the enjoyment and fulfilment that brings, all of which Music Mood supports wholeheartedly.

A quick shout out to them, they are offering kids violin lessons in Singapore. So do check them out.

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Playing Instruments – Benefits You Can Get

Some people have already said that playing instruments can be considered an art form because not everybody will be given a chance to play beautiful music. There are some who are naturally gifted at it since they are born with the talent to play and they are able to pick up the things that they have to do easily. Yet, there are also some people who have taught themselves to play well.

Get to know details here:

Whether the instrument is a violin that was learned through violin lesson Singapore or it is another string instrument and even a non string instrument, the benefits that people can get from playing instruments still cannot be denied.

Are you curious to know what various benefits that people can get when musical instruments are played? Read more to find out here:

  • The various parts of the brain become engaged when playing a musical instrument.

This means that the brain actually works better and may become more active when people play musical instruments. This can help stimulate people’s brain more and can generally help people become more active.

  • Those who play musical instruments are able to solve more problems.

Problem solving can be done better by those who play musical instruments because they are able to unleash their creativity and their deeper way of thinking that way. Aside from being simply logical, they learn to analyze and become better at problem solving.

  • Memory capacity is increased.

There are a lot of people who feel that they have bad memory because they cannot remember some important events that they have gone through in their lives already but the truth is that when people play musical instruments; the capacity of their memory becomes bigger so they tend to learn more and stock more knowledge than before.

  • Time management skills are improved.

When people are unable to learn proper time management, they usually take it with them until they are adults and they tend to miss important opportunities because of this. If time management is a problem, perhaps playing some musical instruments can help solve that issue as this is known to improve time management skills.

  • Coordination is also enhanced well.

When playing instruments, there are a lot of things that people would have to do. Add to the fact that people may also have to sing at times, this means that they have increased their coordination very well. This may help them improve in other aspects of their lives as well.

With these benefits, you know that you should start learning how to play the musical instrument of your choice now.

Are you inspired by The Piano Guys, that you want to learn how to play the piano?

The Piano Guys are awesome. If you don’t know who they are, then I think you haven’t use the internet for a long long time. Just like Lindsey Stirling, they are famous musicians who gained their fame from YouTube. Nah, they are not people who come up with funny pranks or speak nonsense and get their fame from there.

They are true musicians who bring music to wherever they go!

piano guys

After watching The Piano Guys concert, there’s a feeling that many people are going to be inspired to learn the piano. Even adults who have stopped learning the piano when they are young, suddenly want to pick up piano again! If The Piano Guys are not enough to inspire you to pick up piano again, here’s are some benefits why you should learn piano again!

First, people who can play musical instruments are remarkable. They can create beautiful melodies and rhythms that are music to our ears. Music, according to Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. It can give us comfort, motivation and even spirit.

The feeling of listening to music and the feeling of playing the music doesn’t have much of a difference. But there are some things that you can benefit out of playing that you cannot obtain through listening.

One of the most popular musical instruments I know is the piano and I have known a lot of benefits that you can obtain out of playing it. This includes the enhancement of brain functions, the boost of self-esteem, the betterment of one’s social skills and the benefit of having a private emotional outlet.

Researchers say that playing piano have a huge impact to our brain. Therefore, it develop coordination in both mind and muscles that improved one’s hand-eye coordination and allows the full use of both left and right side of the brain. Playing piano or playing any other musical instruments just have the same benefits.

According to an article of from the Telegraph online magazine, “New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain and maybe used in therapy to improve cognitive skills.” You can watch the video below to have a deeper and more scientific explanation of what I am saying.

TED Talk on playing an instrument:

Playing piano also boosts our self-esteem. As humans it is important for us to have a healthy and positive self-esteem because this gives us courage to try new things and the power to believe in ourselves.

We can boost our self-esteem by playing the piano in such a way that it makes us feel satisfied and proud of ourselves that we can make other people happy by producing good music.Self-esteem and social skills are just interconnected. The more we are confident with ourselves, the more it is to have confidence to socialize with other people. By playing piano, we can also join bands and orchestras. This way we can gain more friends and establish a lifelong friendship.

Lastly, playing piano can provide you a private emotional outlet. Sometimes, we can feel sad and lonely and talking about it with our friends won’t comfort us. So, we just have to seat right next to the piano and start to play music about what we feel. Like what my friend Joshua said “When nothing else soothes, sitting at the piano and letting my fingers express the intensity of my wordless emotion heals my heart and mind.”

Letting our feelings out is healthy. It helps us cope up with our daily problems and different issues in life. So, if you do know how to play the piano and you only see it as one of your hobbies think about these benefits. You should realize and remind yourself that you have more great reasons to play.

If you are keen to take a step to learn the piano, then this is probably the right time. You can find good piano teachers in Singapore quite easily using online. You can send in your request to tell the teachers what you want to learn, and how you want to progress. Because as you can see, learning an instrument brings you more benefits and adds more to your life!

Alright, go start now, and let’s have a great music journey together!


What’s so great about Lindsey Stirling?

If you don’t know who Lindsey Stirling these days, people will look at you and say “Do you know what YouTube is?”

lindsey-stirlingIt is now the time where people can get famous on YouTube, shooting videos, doing talk shows, and of course, record music covers! This is how Lindsey Stirling got her breakthrough in music. She was just a typical violinist and can play fantastic tunes. However, she is just normal. As we know in art, normal is never good. If you want to be good, you have to stand out.

And that’s how she stood out! She is not just a violinist. She can dance, while playing the violin! Yes, I repeat, she can DANCE while holding the violin, and PLAYING the song out! Now, that’s what I can say is great about her. And this is how she charmed her audience world wide with her dance steps and beautiful music, on stage, and on YouTube records.

If you haven’t watched any of her videos, then you must. Now, this is free on her YouTube. (Warning: Once you start, you can’t stop!)

Lindsey’s videos have hit records after records, and she has millions of subscribers now on her YouTube channel.

Lindsey also came to Australia for her concert, and without surprise, her concert is full house. I didn’t know there are so many of her fans in Australia alone. I’m one of her fans, but I just watched all her videos on YouTube, and that’s all. I didn’t even know any of my other friends who enjoys her video.

(She’s coming back to Australia again!)

If there’s something that I like about Lindsey, is her hardwork and perseverance. And this is important to us artists who want to make it in the big scene. When she was kicked out of America Got Talent, people laugh at her, her judges laugh at her and said she will hardly make it, as not everyone will enjoy her style of music.

But guess these judges were wrong. The public bought it. I bought it.

What can Lindsey teach us artists?

1. Audience is the judge

Art is very subjective. One person may say she is amazed by your fantastic dance, but another person may say you are doing the wrong way. So who is right? The only way we know, is by the response we get from our audience. One judge’s comment doesn’t ascertain our performance. Afterall, we don’t just perform for one person. We perform for people who want to see us perform, and we do a great performance for them.

2. Be creative

As we progress in our dance performance, we have to branch out of the traditional way of doing things. Just like Lindsey, no body believes one can move around playing the violin. Because if you attend orchestral performance, musicians always stay in one place – they sit down, and don’t even stand up until the performance is over!

3. Don’t give up! 

If you are in our sphere long enough, you will receive lots of praises, but also lots of criticism. Nothing is sweet here. People may just slam your performance for nothing. You can let their comments drown you down, or you can pick yourself up, learn from the comments, and become better. Lindsey become better and prove the judges wrong. We artists should do the same!

Let me end off this post with this short clip, on the Rise of Lindsey Stirling.