Who are we?

Here’s a short writeup of us and our background.

We are James Worden, Tom Pike, Janet Pilae. 3 of us are really good friends since our university days. We are friends on stage and off stage. The theatre and the stage are like our playground and our life. We have been performing since young in different areas of art performances, and we met only when we are in year 2 in Melbourne University.


We have since graduated for quite some time, but we come together again because of Facebook connections.

Here’s a little intro about us:


Hi, I’m James. I graduated with a Business Administration degree and entered my first job as a HR Manager of a local company. I started dancing when I was 11 years old. Back then, not many guys are into dancing, but I always love to learn it. I love to go on stage too. I’m into hip-hop now.


Hey, Tom here. James like to dance, but I love to sing. Nah, not your type of Justin bieber singing. I’m more into singing on stage with the choir. I have sung as a soloist since I was 10, probably because of my high pitch and good sound. However, because my voice broke, I’m a barritone now. I do sing in musicals for my school’s annual concerts, and outside gigs.


Alright, the only lady of the group!

I can’t sing, I can’t dance. But I can play the guitar. So you see, we have a good mix of arts yea? Guitar is my love, just like how Tom love to sing, James like to dance. My favorite guitarist? Eric Clapton. He’s the man. Many people also wonder why I will choose guitar, and not something more ‘womanly’ like piano or harp. I don’t know. Maybe guitar just impressed me when I’m young.

You can find out why we started this blog here.

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